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The Agriculture Division of the company, with FPA License No. 943, is a manufacturer and an international supplier/exporter of Organic Fertilizers with brand names of “Plantmate Organic Fertilizer” and “Prime EC Foliar” which are a result of forty (40) years of research and development utilizing twenty-five (25) beneficial microbes and enzymes that are very beneficial in increasing yield, improving soil properties (soil rehabilitation) to promote plant or crop growth and development. These fertilizers will not only rehabilitate the chemically damaged soil into its original fertile state, but will also increase the yield of crops from 30% to 50%. The company sets very affordable price in order to help the farmers lower their cost or production, while remarkably increasing their yield.

Our Organic Fertilizers has been tested, proven effective and cost efficient by several farmers from California U.S.A., Hawaii, Sultanate of Oman, Kenya Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, New Zealand and Australia.

Plantmate Organic Fertilizer

Plantmate Organic Fertilizer is a result of forty (40) years of research & development by one of the top scientists of the Philippines gaining 25 beneficial microorganisms.

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The product is a superior organic fertilizer which is a resulting from an advanced microbial fermentation of biodegradable plant wastes & animal wastes. Plantmate Organic Fertilizer is being exported in 10 different countries worldwide in the past twenty (20) years. It has been tested, proven effective and cost efficient by several farmers from Australia, Malaysia, Hawaii, Indonesia, Sultanate of Oman, China, Vietnam, Kenya Africa, Brunei and Philippines.


The 25 beneficial microorganisms made our organic fertilizer special and more advance than other organic fertilizers. These 25 different microorganisms have different capabilities such as soil rehabilitation which means that these can help balance the soil pH from being highly acidic or highly alkaline to the optimum pH range, improving the over-all quality of crops like being more resistant to insect pest attack and physiological diseases, have well-developed root systems, and have increased the ability of the plants to absorb nutrients that will eventually result to higher harvest/crop production.

Prime EC Foliar

Organic Liquid Fertilizer

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Prime EC Foliar provides the plant its complete food for better growth and higher yield.  It makes the plant more resistant to pests and diseases, and lead to better quality and organically-grown product. Prime EC Foliar is a scientifically formulated foliar fertilizer containing highly absorbable plant nutrients including trace elements in chelated form, enzymes, amino acids, growth promotants, organic acids, phyto-hormones and multivitamins. Chelation is a process which provides the elements to be “locked-up” while in solution and then released gradually at the rate that the plant cells can absorb through their stomata.


The product also contains other functional compounds such as an emulsifier, surfactant, anti-oxidant, sticker and stabilizer all doing their specific functions to make the product more effective and efficient as a foliar fertilizer.  The emulsifying agent, for example, breaks-up the molecular solution into finer globules as well as diminishing or reducing the repelling action between the oil- and the water- based elements.  The surface active agent or surfactant enhances the spreadability of the solution on the leaf surface.  The stabilizer minimizes the volatility of the nutrients while being applied say during the time of spraying. It also serves as a good buffer to keep the pH of the solution at the desired level. The anti-oxidant enhances the assimilation while the sticker minimizes the evapo-transpiration of the nutrients when sprayed on the leaf surface.

The highly scientific preparation of the product ensures the same, if properly applied as per suggestion of the manufacturer, will be an effective source of the plant nutrients especially the trace minerals which ordinary chemical fertilizer cannot provide.


Castor Beans


Moreover, Richfund International, Co. Ltd.’s Agriculture Division handles as well the exportation of Castor Beans to Southeast Asian countries. The company entered into plantation contracts with the farmers, private landowners and the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP).