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Cyromazine in powder form acts as an insect growth regulator which attacks the reproductive cycle of flies at the larva stage. It is used as a premix with animal feed (poultry, cattle, pig). It passes through the digestive system and is passed out in the faeces where it exerts its action as a residue in the manure, destroying all the larvae stages of all Dipterans it comes in contact with, thus effectively curbing the growth and development of new flies. It is very safe and practically non-toxic to birds and mammals and is completely eliminated; even when the dosage is increased to 200 times, it does not affect animal growth rate, egg production rate, survival rate, hatching rate, weight gain, fertility and feed conversion rate. Environmentally, it breaks down naturally in the soil; the manure can still be used as fertilizer on crops with no adverse effects.

Richfund International is the importer of the chemical Cyromazine in powder form with 99% purity the highest there is.