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Richfund International, Co. Ltd. is a duly registered company with the Securities and Exchange Commission under SEC REG. NO. PL200600158 on January 10, 2006.

The company is divided into four (4) active and efficient divisions, namely the Food Division, the Agriculture Division, the Packaging Division and Services Division. With more than two hundred (200) diligent  and skilled employees, Richfund International functions with quality and excellence.


The business started  in the 1990’s as a single proprietorship under the name Jeycy Trading, which was duly registered with the Department of Trade and Industry under Reg. No. 635518. After more than Ten (10) years of doing business, transactions volume grew bigger. Jeycy Trading’s structure was changed from a single proprietorship into a partnership under the name Richfund International, Co. Ltd.

RF 1

Our business of supplying Instant Dried Vermicelli with Monde Nissin Corporation, (Lucky Me! Brand of instant noodles) started in October 2002, which is being handled by our Food Division. Our contract to supply them raw materials is extended for Twelve (12) years now in 2014. Lucky Me! Brand controls 70% of the Philippine Instant noodles market and is exporting to 25 countries worldwide.


Richfund International, Co. Ltd. Food and Packaging Divisions handle the supply of raw materials and packaging materials for the brand name “Lucky Me Chicken Sotanghon Soup Brand” in bowl (Mini & Regular Size), and our Services Division handles as well the toll packing (repacking operation) of the low-end version, “Lucky Me Chicken Sotanghon Soup” in pouches, Lucky Me Sopas, Lucky Me Baked Mac, Lucky Me Mac n’ Cheez, Pancit Palabok, and Pancit Bihon.


We pride ourselves in our employees in the Services Division. We are a provider of Packaging Service in Calamba Laguna with services such as Sticker-ing services, Toll Packing services and Promotional bundling services. All of which catered to Monde Nissin Corporation (Lucky Me) & Monde M.Y. San Biscuits Corp. (Skyflakes & FITA brands)


As of now, we have supplied more than 1,000 containers of Dried Vermicelli alone. We expect the volume to grow even bigger as we now start to supply not only Dried Vermicelli but also a variety of raw materials and packaging materials (paper cups, paper lids, OPP film, preformed pouches, metalized wrappers, etc.).


The Agriculture Division of the company, with FPA License No. 943, is a manufacturer and an international supplier/exporter of Organic Fertilizers with brand names of “Plantmate Organic Fertilizer” and “Prime EC Foliar” which are results of forty (40) years of research and development by one of the top scientists of our country. This Invention utilizes twenty-five (25) beneficial microbes and eleven (11 )enzymes that are very beneficial in increasing yield, improving soil properties to rehabilitate the soil promoting plant or crop growth and development.

PM Prod.png

Plantmate Organic Fertilizer and Prime EC Foliar will not only rehabilitate the chemically damaged soil into its original fertile state, but will also increase the yield of crops from 30% to 50%. The company sets very affordable price in order to help the farmers lower their cost or production, while remarkably increasing their yield


Our Product is Certified Organic by Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (Certificate No. 017516) and  Awarded as “The Best Organic Fertilizer Supplier” by The Golden Globe Annual Awards For Business Excellence in 2014 and “Best Organic Fertilizer in the Philippines” by Consumers Choice Awards & Gold Seal Of Quality in 2015.


Our products have been tested, proven effective and cost efficient in Australia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sultanate of Oman, Vietnam, Kenya, Brunei and the Philippines.


In accordance with the R.A. 10068 Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, our Agriculture Division is in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade and Industry in promoting and educating the Filipinos with the Organic Farming System using superior organic fertilizers. Richfund International, Co. Ltd. likewise envisions to rehabilitate, to preserve our agricultural lands and to help stabilize the food supply for the next generation through the help of our superior Organic Fertilizers.


Moreover, Richfund International, Co. Ltd.’s Agriculture Division handles as well the exportation of Castor Beans to Southeast Asian countries. The company entered into plantation contracts with the farmers, private landowners and the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP).




Contact us

Tel. No. (+632) 822-3763 / 403-6442
Fax No. (+632) 822-3763

Suite R-1, Penthouse,
Chatham House Condominium,
#116 Valero St. corner Rufino St.,
Makati City, Philippines, 1227

Bldg. 8, Brgy. Pulong Sta. Cruz,

Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines



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